About Vagrant Cloud and Atlas

You just visited vagrantcloud.com. Vagrant Cloud was a product HashiCorp launched to support the hosting and discovery of Vagrant Boxes, as well as other features like Vagrant Share.

Recently, it has been moved into Atlas. Atlas provides functionality beyond Vagrant Cloud, but still what was initially offered. You can learn more about Atlas on the homepage.

You can still sign up and create, release and access Vagrant boxes. This is the same functionality that existed previously. We'll continue to refine the design and flow of this to make it easier to use, as well as further integrate it into the rest of Atlas.

Below, you can search as normal for Vagrant Boxes to use. All data was retained.

You can find Vagrant documentation in the help section.

If you have any questions about Vagrant Cloud becoming part of Atlas, feel free to email support at support@hashicorp.com.

Discover Vagrant Boxes

This page lets you discover and use Vagrant Boxes created by the community. You can search by operating system, architecture or provider.

cloudfoundry/bosh-lite A local development environment for BOSH using warden containers in a vagrant box.
218,011 downloads | 9000.137.0 | last release 3 months ago
cargomedia/debian-7-amd64-default Debian 7 with git, rsync, ruby and puppet. (see https://github.com/cargomedia/vagrant-boxes/)
152,561 downloads | 0.23.0 | last release 10 months ago
Atlassian-BuildEng/ubuntu_12.04 Basebox for Ubuntu 12.04
96,501 downloads | 179 | last release about 1 year ago
93,079 downloads | 0.13.0 | last release 3 months ago
concourse/lite A pre-baked Concourse deployment in a single machine
83,296 downloads | 2.7.3 | last release 11 days ago
cargomedia/ubuntu-1504-plain see https://github.com/cargomedia/vagrant-boxes/
53,103 downloads | 0.8.0 | last release 12 months ago
cargomedia/debian-7-amd64-plain see https://github.com/cargomedia/vagrant-boxes/
45,776 downloads | 0.23.0 | last release 10 months ago
everpeace/mesos Mesos pre-installed box based on 64-bit ubuntu 14.04.
43,041 downloads | | last release almost 2 years ago
lattice/ubuntu-trusty-64 A standard ubuntu 14.04 trusty tahr installation
36,359 downloads | 0.4.1 | last release over 1 year ago
cargomedia/debian-7-amd64-cm see https://github.com/cargomedia/vagrant-boxes/
34,755 downloads | 0.29.0 | last release 8 months ago