Applications functionality has been deprecated and service will be terminated on March 7th, 2017. Please see the alternatives for more information. To learn about migrating this functionality to Packer, contact us.

Application Notifications

Atlas can send application notifications to your organization via one of our supported notification methods. The following events are configurable:

  • Compile Started - The application compilation started.
  • Compile Finished - The application compilation completed successfully.
  • Compile Errored - An error occured during application compilation.
  • Build Started - The application build started.
  • Build Finished - The application build completed successfully.
  • Build Errored - An error occured during the application build.
  • Build Canceled - The build was canceled by an Atlas user.

Emails will include logs for the Compile Finished, Compile Errored, Build Finished, and Build Errored events.

You can toggle notifications for each of these events on the "Integrations" tab of an application.