Getting Started with Atlas

Atlas has a wide range of features that cover many use cases. It's important to understand how Atlas is positioned before diving in.

In short, Atlas enables the HashiCorp toolset (Vagrant, Packer, Consul and Terraform) to do things they could not do in isolation.

Because the toolset spans the entire timeline from development to production, Atlas does too. This can lead to confusion, as it's often the case that the goals of development teams differ from that of operator teams.

When using Atlas, it's important to remember it attempts to serve those different groups and contexts within an organization. Vagrant features, for example, have a different user experience than Consul monitoring features.

Further Reading

We recommend reading the following sections to continue gaining an understanding of what Atlas can provide:

  • Features – A complete list of everything Atlas does
  • Use cases – Examples of several places to start using Atlas
  • Glossary – All of the terminology used by Atlas and HashiCorp products