Atlas vs. HashiCorp Tools

HashiCorp tools are the functional foundation for Atlas. Packer is used to build images, Terraform is used to provision infrastructure, and Consul is used to monitor and maintain services and nodes.

Atlas unites the open source tools to provide an automated solution for application delivery. When an application connected to Atlas pushes a new version, it automatically triggers a Packer build which produces a deployable artifact. The artifact is stored in Atlas's artifact registry. When the artifact is successfully stored in Atlas, it automatically triggers a Terraform run, which creates a new host with the Packer-built artifact. Consul is configured in the build stage with Packer, so when the new host is provisioned, it automatically joins the cluster. Each step in this workflow is versioned, auditable, and repeatable. Atlas can be thought of as the management hub which enables teams to collaborate across all HashiCorp tooling and automate the workflow from development to production.