About Builds

Builds are instances of packer build being run within Atlas. Every build belongs to a build configuration.

Build configurations represent a set of Packer configuration versions and builds run. It is used as a namespace within Atlas, Packer commands and URLs. Packer configuration sent to Atlas are stored and versioned under these build configurations.

These versions of Packer configuration can contain:

  • The Packer template, a JSON file which define one or more builds by configuring the various components of Packer
  • Any provisioning scripts or packages used by the template
  • Applications that use the build as part of the pipeline and merged into the version prior to Atlas running Packer on it

When Atlas receives a new version of Packer configuration and associated scripts from GitHub or packer push, it automatically starts a new Packer build. That Packer build runs in an isolated machine environment with the contents of that version available to it.

You can be alerted of build events with Build Notifications.