Git Integation

Git repositories can be integrated with Atlas by using terraform push to import Terraform configuration when changes are committed. When Terraform configuration is imported using terraform push a plan is automatically queued in Atlas.

_Note: This integration is for Git repositories not hosted on GitHub. For repositories on GitHub, there is native GitHub Integration.


Terraform configuration can be manually imported by running terraform push like below:

$ terraform push -name=$ATLAS_USERNAME/ENV_NAME

A better option than having to manually run terraform push is to run it using a git commit hook. A client-side pre-push hook is suitable and will push your Terraform configuration when you push local changes to your Git server.

Client-side Commit Hook

The script below will execute terraform push when you push local changes to your Git server. Place the script at .git/pre-push in your local Git repository, set the necessary variables, and ensure the script is executable.

# An example hook script to push Terraform configuration to Atlas.
# Set the following variables for your project:
# - ENV_NAME - your Atlas environment name (e.g. org/env)
# - TERRAFORM_DIR - the local directory to push
# - DEFAULT_BRANCH - the branch to push. Other branches will be ignored.


if [[ -z "$ENV_NAME" || -z "$TERRAFORM_DIR" || -z "$DEFAULT_BRANCH" ]]; then
  echo 'pre-push hook: One or more variables are undefined. Canceling push.'
  exit 1

current_branch=$(git symbolic-ref HEAD | sed -e 's,.*/\(.*\),\1,')

if [ "$current_branch" == "$DEFAULT_BRANCH" ]; then
  echo "pre-push hook: Pushing branch [$current_branch] to Atlas environment [$ENV_NAME]."
  terraform push -name="$ENV_NAME" $TERRAFORM_DIR
  echo "pre-push hook: NOT pushing branch [$current_branch] to Atlas environment [$ENV_NAME]."