GitHub Integration

GitHub can be used to import Terraform configuration, automatically queuing runs when changes are merged into a repository's default branch. Additionally, plans are run when a pull request is created or updated. Atlas will update the pull request with the result of the Terraform plan providing quick feedback on proposed changes.


Atlas environments are linked to individual GitHub repositories. However, a single GitHub repository can be linked to multiple Atlas environments allowing a single set of Terraform configuration to be used across multiple environments.

Atlas environments can be linked when they're initially created using the New Environment process. Existing environments can be linked by setting GitHub details in their Integrations.

To link an Atlas environment to a GitHub repository, you need three pieces of information:

  • GitHub repository - The location of the repository being imported in the format username/repository.
  • GitHub branch - The branch from which to ingress new versions. This defaults to the value GitHub provides as the default branch for this repository.
  • Path to directory of Terraform files - The repository's subdirectory that contains its terraform files. This defaults to the root of the repository.