Custom Share Names

Custom share names allow you to specify custom names in the URL to your Vagrant Share, like You can view names and recycle previously used names on the Vagrant page of Atlas.

If security is a concern, we recommend using complex or uncommon words for custom share names. You can read more about security of shares in the share security section of the documentation.

How to Use a Custom Name

  1. Run Vagrant share with the --name flag, specifying the name you want to use
  2. The share should be created with that name as the leading subdomain
  3. Share names are recycled when they expire automatically, meaning they can be used again (by any user, if not on a custom domain)
  4. If a share doesn't expire correctly, you can visit the Vagrant page and manually recycle the name by clicking the "Recycle name" link


When using the domain, the name chosen must be globally unique. This is to ensure Atlas only routes to one share for one machine at a time.

Custom Names with Custom Domains

You can use custom names with custom domains. Uniqueness will be verified within the scope of the domain. The process is otherwise the same.